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Sooner or later everyone earning an income in The Netherlands or every company making a profit and / or recognizing revenues must pay tax to the Dutch government. When you do you will receive a request from the tax authorities to fill out and file a income tax and / or VAT return form.


Income tax

Employees (individuals) and owners of smaller businesses (e.g. self-employed personnel, sole proprietorships and general partnerships) pay income tax.


Corporate tax

Privately held companies and public corporations pay corporate tax.


Sales tax

In addition, companies pay sales tax (also called value added tax or VAT) for goods and services delivered and billed to them by vendors and receive sales tax for goods and services they have sold and billed to their customers. The sales tax received and sales tax paid are settled periodically and must be remitted to or refunded by the tax authorities.


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Income tax returns and sales tax

Wessels Accounting Group would be happy to fill out and file the income tax returns and or VAT returns for you.