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Wessels Accounting Group

Wessels Accounting & Advice

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Wessels Accounting & Taxes



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Wessels Accounting & Control



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"We support businesses and individuals with their administrative and fiscal obligations in The Netherlands"

We can also be contacted for: Business & Management Consultancy Fiscal Consultancy Interim Controlling Business Intelligence Dashboarding Robotic Process Automation


The SRFA issues quality marks, aimed at companies, self-employed persons and individuals who are looking for a tax specialist or financial professional. The quality mark guarantees that our professionals meet the following criteria:

Gideon Wessels is Registered Financial Controller (RFC) with the SRFA. He is also registered as a Managerial Controller (MC).

Elke Wessels is tax consultant and aspiring member with the SRFA. After completion of her study Tax Consultant for Small Businesses she will become full member.

Your success contributes to our success

We are convinced that our own success is largely determined by the success of our customers. When our customers grow, we grow with them. That is why we will always try to add value and realize a long-term relationship.

In order to achieve this, we have defined the following core values:

Integrity & reliability Collaboration & personal guidance Expertise & creativity Efficiency & effectiveness

Advanced software


Our aim is to take the administrative and tax burdens off your hands so you have more time for your core business activities and/or private life and you do not have to worry whether the books and tax returns are correct. We offer both invoicing based on actual hours spent againt a predetermined hourly rate or fixed amounts per period (month, quarter or year) in advance.

Hourly rate

Depending on the required services and perhaps other circumstances a fair hourly rate will be determined before the work is done. After completion of the work actual hours spent times the hourly rate will be invoiced.


It's also possible to get a subscriptions for certain services. In that case the work as well as the fees are predetermined. Amounts will be invoiced each period which has been agreed upon. Mostly this will be recurring on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

* You know exactly what costs can be expected so you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Payments of subscription fees are done in advance.

* If work that is not included in the subscription needs to be done, you will be contacted in advance. These activities are invoiced separately (actual hours spent x hourly rate).



Businesses need to systematically record all financial facts in order to fulfill all legal requirements. It’s also essential for the continuïty of the business and gives insight in the current financial situation the business is in.


Notes to the financial reports is of great importance for both businesses as well as individuals in order to support the decision making process and understanding their current and future financial situation.


Mostly referred to as Planning & Control. Planning relates to strategic and financial planning and control relates to the way the business and risks are being managed. Successful companies often have a good balance between the long and short term focus.


All residents of The Netherlands with an income and all companies generating a profit are legally obliged to pay taxes in The Netherlands. We are happy to help you minimize the amount of taxes you or your company need(s) to pay.